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About Us

Arcane Dinero is a Crypto Currency based Software Company, with involvement in blockchain technology and mining services with the corporate office in Chennai. The Company involves in the designing and developing of software, web sites, databases, and information systems The company has an energetic team of experts and professionals who can research, enhance and make the application look and perform the best Employing some of the leading experts in software development, and risk analysis. Arcane Dinero is uniquely positioned to innovation in the industry. The Company has developed projects that are economical and qualitative Arcane Dinero is planning to export Software to accentuate their position as one of the biggest Software exporter in the country.

Crypto Coin Mining Made Easy

Crypto Currency Mining: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, XMR and other minable coins.

Asset Based Solutions: IT Products, Product Based Services.

STG: Offshore Development, Staffing, Back Office, Engineering Services, Clinical Data Management, Statistical Analysis & Medical Writing.

Global Consulting: IT Consulting, Business Consulting, Quality Consulting.

Engineering & Industrial Services: Product & Process Engineering, Embedded Systems, Plant Automation Services, Enterprise Asset Management.

IT Infrastructure: IT Outsourcing, Network, Consulting and Integration, Hardware Support and Installation, Infrastructure Management, Database Services.

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